Homewares made from recycled wood and plastics that are a waste product of the events industry.
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Quality designs, zero carbon.


We started out producing some of London’s most exclusive events, in museums, galleries and palaces.

Whilst we have always worked hard to reduce our carbon emissions,

Due to the nature of these one-off events, a lot of items are custom made for use for just one evening, and after which they are destined for land-fill.

In order to avoid this situation, we setup Recycled Homewares to find these materials a second life in people’s homes!

Recycled Plastics and Timber0%
Carbon Emissions0%
Renewable Energy used in manufacturing0%


We select waste timber and plastics from events and re-manufacture those raw materials into beautiful and practical homewares for you to use for many years to come.

We do this using the latest computer controlled machinery, powered by renewable energy.

By controlling the entire process we can provide products that are free from carbon emissions, and often have saved material that would otherwise have been destined for landfill.